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April 2024

Essential Guide to Troubleshooting Common End Mill Issues

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End Mill Troubleshooting Guide

Encountering challenges with end mills and milling operations is common. Troubleshooting these issues is crucial as they can lead to poor quality parts, compromised surface finishes, increased machine downtime, and ultimately, scrapped parts, resulting in significant time and financial losses. This guide is designed to help machinists and engineers diagnose and resolve the most frequent issues, including premature tool wear, edge chipping, tool breakage, chip packing, chatter, burrs, poor finish, and poor dimensional accuracy. Let’s explore each problem, identify their potential causes, and provide practical solutions. Read More

Why CNC Machining is the Unexpected Goldmine for High School Students

By Blog

Dive Into the Future

Think your only post-high school paths involve four-year colleges or typical desk jobs? Think again. There’s a high-powered, high-tech world out there where precision meets craftsmanship, and it’s hungry for young talent. Welcome to the world of CNC machining—where the work is as cool as it is crucial, blending the latest technology with real, hands-on skills. If you’re ready to step into a career that pushes the envelope of modern manufacturing, here’s why CNC machining should be at the top of your list. Read More