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Nakamura WT100: Elevating Precision

Brand new Nakamura WT100 CNC Lathe in pristine condition at the Machining Concepts workshop.Introduction

At Machining Concepts, we constantly strive to remain at the forefront of precision CNC manufacturing. With immense pleasure, we announce our latest addition – the Nakamura WT100 CNC Lathe. This is not just another machine; it’s a testament to our commitment to offering our customers the very best in technology and precision.

Key Features of the Nakamura WT100 CNC Lathe

  • Twin Spindle Design: This state-of-the-art feature translates to increased machining flexibility and speed. Now, more complex parts can be manufactured with fewer setups, ensuring efficiency and precision in every cut.
  • Advanced Control System: Modern manufacturing requires intuitive control, and Nakamura delivers. The sophisticated software interface ensures every operation is executed with unmatched precision, while also being user-friendly for our skilled technicians.
  • Compact Footprint: While the Nakamura WT100 is a powerhouse, it boasts a space-saving design. This optimization ensures our workshop floor remains organized and more processes can run concurrently.
  • High Precision Machining: At its core, the Nakamura WT100 is designed for precision. Even the most intricate parts with the tightest tolerances are well within its capabilities.
  • Enhanced Tooling Capabilities: From turning to drilling and milling, the lathe’s versatility ensures it’s equipped for a myriad of projects, making it a one-stop solution for many of our manufacturing needs.

Benefits for Our Customers

  • Quicker Turnaround Times: With increased efficiency, your projects are completed faster, helping you meet your tight deadlines with ease.
  • Enhanced Quality: Our commitment, combined with Nakamura’s precision, ensures that the products you receive are nothing short of top-tier.
  • Cost-Effective: Efficiency is the key to cost savings. With faster production times and reduced waste, we can offer competitive pricing on projects.
  • Versatility in Production: Whether you require intricate components or larger-scale parts tailored for complex systems, the Nakamura WT100 stands ready to deliver.
  • Reliability: Every time you partner with us, rest assured, the consistency and quality remain unchanged, thanks to the reliability of our new machinery.

Real-world Application of the WT100

Our experience with the Nakamura WT100 is not new. Having previously incorporated its advanced technology into our operations, we’ve seen firsthand the remarkable capabilities it brings. A testament to this is a recent partnership with a valued customer. They approached us with a particularly challenging project, one that demanded very tight tolerances and involved intricate machining techniques. Techniques that many might shy away from, and that they found challenging to execute in-house.

Through close collaboration with our customer and leveraging the WT100’s capabilities, we not only produced the component to the exacting standards required but also achieved significant cost savings. How? By drastically cutting down on production time and minimizing material waste.

The end result? A partnership that goes beyond a one-time project. We now deliver these high-precision parts to our client on a weekly basis, consistently meeting their elevated demands and reinforcing the mutual trust between us.


The Nakamura WT100 CNC Lathe is more than just a machine; it’s a leap forward in our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. We at Machining Concepts are excited about the limitless possibilities this opens up for us and, more importantly, for our customers.

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